Wadda you mean you charge?

Customer: "Can you give me the Wordpress login details?"
Me: "You don't have a Wordpress site? In fact you do not have a website."
Customer: "I know that's what I'm asking for."
Me: "Sorry?"
Customer: "I want you to put the Wordpress software on so we can have a website."
Me: "Umm? It's not as simple as that and plus we would charge for doing that."
Customer: "Oh no, no no, I just want you to put the software on for our website."
Me: "You do not have a website, you have webhosting with us, but no website has been uploaded, you'll need to put something like Wordpress on the webhosting."
Customer: "Well I'm not paying for that!"
Me: "Tell you what, I'll get you the FTP details and database name and you can install it yourself."
Customer: "So you won't put the software on then?"
Me: "Yes, I can, but it is chargeable. Shall I just send you the FTP details?"
Customer: "I suppose so!"

Charity may well begin at home but no way is it beginning at work.


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